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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Up Close - Finished with Sewing the Lace

Just close up pictures of the lace sewn on to the nape with clear thread. It's not perfect, just as long as the hair can be ventilated on and it can be pulled up. Lesson learned here - maybe I should use the weaving needle, shaped like a C. I may ventilate the hair in a W shape, but that's ambitious. Tomorrow, I will begin ventilating, maybe with the virgin indian, because it will wave up. I'm sure the virgin malaysian bulk hair doesn't wave at all.

My boyfriend's camera is so much better than mine!

Jumping in with both feet!

The top right picture is my double knot practice whilst watching the American Idol finale (Janet Jackson got OFF!) Right now, I'm using my existing computer desk as a workstation. The mag lamp clips on perfectly so I don't have to fight it, and the wig head is at the right level. I've sewn the lace onto the nape on the right side; now I'm completing the left. I'll probably start ventilating it either tonight or tomorrow.

Here's a good ventilating video (thanks Nrrrlkl): Amarie Lace Wigs - Ventilating

1st Project - Fixing the Nape on my Malaysian Loose Curly

I've decided to just plunge in and add a nape back onto my wigs. First, I'm working on the "hybrid" - Rex Malaysian Loose Curly and the CLW Amina. I so regret cutting the napes off, but maybe this was one of the signs pointing me towards learning wig making. With this first project, I will be learning how to sew seams the proper way (instead of the bulky, horrible job I did on the hybrid). I've got the ebay lace pinned down and it starts higher than the edge of the wig. I will sew with clear thread. After I make the seam, I'm going to start ventilating. No procrastinating.

I spent last night making double knots. Today, I marked the area on my template where I'll do single strand single knots. I'm rolling up my sleeves! Hopefully, a new wig is arriving tomorrow. I'm going to turn it inside out and trace the lace sections to make a pattern. I'm always trying to find the easy out. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Progress - Forge Ahead!

Finally, I have a workable head template (see above ^^). I tacked my practice lace back onto the head and I'm still working. I had poly stuffing left over from my Care Bears project. It's not perfect, but it's not collapsing. More updates later.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Making Head Templates? Frustrating!

Okay, today was very frustrating. Other than the first 14 pages, the book is really good. Very good information about cap construstion and sewing seams. I need to practice making darts. Before any of this, I need to learn how to make a head template. Today's attempts were disastrous! The shower cap method didn't work for me. I tried the saran wrap method, but I don't have the correct tape. I made it anyway and it sucks so badly, I didn't have the heart to take a picture of it. I'll try it again maybe Monday. The book has a great worksheet for taking measurements. I want to transfer the measurements right onto the canvas head (covered in blue painter's tape). I want to do this right, so I'm going to work at getting the head template right.

Learning the different types of laces was enlightening. The thing is, can they be found?

Back to the drawing board.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wig Making and Styling by Martha Ruskai

I'm so mad. I received my book today (sucky shipping - the driver left it at a neighbor's house when my address was CLEARLY on the label - I hate incompetence!). In between braiding my hair (to make a head template), I began to read... why does the book start on page 15? The first 14 pages are missing. It doesn't look like the pages have been ripped out either. I don't know who to be upset with, and I don't feel like sending the book back. It's got some really great information about cap construction and ventilation (it actually has graphs of hair direction). I'm so mad. The first chapter, Wig-Making Terms, Tools, and Techniques, contained tool kit lists, hairpins and clips info, rollers/curlers info, and a well-equipped wig area, which I'd have like to have seen. I gave it a bad review - the purchase more than the book. I'm not returning it though. It was used. I just should have spent the extra 8 bucks and gotten a new one. Damn.

A Good Source for Bulk Hair

I still can't believe that the most important tools we need - hair and lace - are the most hard to find. The jury is still out on the lace I bought yesterday. Although it's so beautiful, especially that dark brown (which, if I used it, it would melt onto my skin), it might not be sturdy enough, and it may tear easily. Eventhough I was excited about the lace, and I made that video, I removed the video because I don't want to lead my fellow newbie wig makers astray. So, back to the grind of finding good wig making lace for a reasonable price.

Then it dawned on me that lace wig vendors would be good sources for buying bulk hair. I bought my first two 4oz bundles from my longtime lace wig vendor, Rex ( Very reasonable price, and I know the hair. I'm still practicing with some Rex hair from some napes I cut from wigs when I was going through my "no napes" phase. Sometimes it's good to keep things.

Back to the needle for more practice. Hopefully, the book will arrive today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's Progress and Great Find!

This is my first day ventilating. As you can see, I covered the canvas head with blue painter's tape. I have a sucky camera, so bear with me. I used some hair I kept from when I cut the nape off of one of my LFs. I found some lace at Beverly's Crafts for $1.99 a yard. It is a bit delicate. I bought 2 yards of a light brown (in the photos) and a dark brown, which disappears on my skin. The jury's out on the lace at the moment.
What I've learned so far?
1. The tiny ventilating needle has the tendency to break the hairs. That's frustrating. I may be pulling too hard with my left hand
2. I'm so glad I bought the magnifying lamp. Even with the glass (mine is 3x magnification), the lace is still small.
So far, so good. I'm going to practice each knot (single, double, single split, double split) until they're second nature

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haven't Started Yet!

I don't know what I'm waiting on. I can use the excuse of "I'm waiting on the book", which I am. Today's chores included removing my lace unit (Rex virgin malaysian natural straight in 18"), cleaning it, unbraiding my hair, washing it, conditioning it, followed by an extra virgin olive oil wrap on my hair. Tomorrow, I need to rebraid my hair so I can do my first head template. I think I'm going to use the highlighting cap for a head template, and I'm going to do a regular saran wrap/tape template. Then I'm going to sew napes back onto my napeless wigs and practice ventilating on them. I will document with pictures.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Tools

technically not wig making lace. This is an unused painter's strainer bag my boyfriend had to strain hops with (microbrewery). I'm going to practice on this, and maybe use it as a crown piece. I will try to dye it a light brown.

needles and holders from,
size 1-2 and 2-3

my magnifying lamp, with the flourescent bulb.

my canvas head, all shiny and new (also from

All I need is a hackle. Maybe tomorrow, I'll post a video showing the lace I won off of ebay. I'm worn out from excitement. Happy ventilating!

Inaugural Blog - Welcome Wig Makers!

Welcome wig makers! This is the first blog. I've searched and searched, and WE need a place to gather - to share tips, progress pics, product recommendations, and just to chat about the art of wig making. Who am I that I should even consider making a blog? A writer by what I thought was my chosen profession, but my (new) profession chose me. At this point, I have almost all the tools (except for the hackle, aka mini bed of nails), and I haven't even ventilated ONE knot! The passion is there though, it's pouring out of my veins. I think this may be my calling.

I will include all my research, links, product websites, YouTube videos - everything I can find on wig making. All contributions are welcome.
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