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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today's Progress - I need better lace!

This is just three hours of work. I decided to pick up the needle and just... start. I decided to not use the virgin indian and virgin malaysian hair I have because it's too pretty. I'm going to use that for a whole new wig (along with the lace my "wig master angel" gave to me). With that said, I'm using the curly malaysian (cut from the Rex unit). It's just the nape, and some other spots along the ear area that need hair.

I'm not happy with the lace I purchased from ebay. It's snagging on my needle, and Nrrrlkl said that's a sign that it's not the right lace, that it may be tulle. Of the samples I was sent, I like the film lace, and the opera lace. I NEED LACE!!! I will bite the bullet next month, and buy some from either His & Hers or FXSupply.


  1. Nice post! It's good to know that you like opera lace too. My sister loves film lace and opera lace for wigs. She's a great collector of fashionable women's wigs and her favorite include synthetic wigs. Thanks for sharing the interesting update!

  2. I don't know where you live but you can buy some really good lace from a website called...

  3. THe best lace available is from manesta lace It however is not cheap. I see you were using net from a fabric store. Wig lace or tulle is woven differently and instead of 4 sides has five this helps with angling the hair in the right direction.

  4. THe best lace is from Manesta Lace. THe lace you have is dressmaking lace and only has 4 sides Wig lace has 5 sides so you get better directions and is finer and stronger or should be Mane sta lace will not fray.


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