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Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to Ventilating.

It's been some time since I picked up the needle. This is today's progress. I filled in the space between the last section:

I'm still on the hunt for wig making lace. I'm adding two more contacts under the supplies list.
Happy ventilating!


  1. Hey D. I've been MIA for a minute but I see you've been taking care of business with your blog. There's some good info on here. Your vid on the Grande Canyon was amazing. I've been there myself but pictures didn't seem to capture the magesty of it all. I literally lost my breath at first glimpse and my brother had to slap me on the back so I could get it back. Then I couldn't stop crying the 1st few hrs of being there. Wonderful! Now I have to see Niagra Falls (the Canadian side). Anyway, back to hair... I have so many questions waiting in my in box. Someone even inquired about an issue they are having with thier toupee. I have a few projects I have to complete around the apt and then vacation. I'll be back doing vids in July. In the meantime I'm liking your stuff. And you have a sweet voice. Love your redention of "In the arms of the Angels".

  2. You KNOW I'm your biggest fan!

  3. Hi there I am so glad to see that I can finally connect with another lace wig designer as well . Thanks for creating this blog. Please be sure to follow my blog too


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