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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wig Making and Styling by Martha Ruskai

I'm so mad. I received my book today (sucky shipping - the driver left it at a neighbor's house when my address was CLEARLY on the label - I hate incompetence!). In between braiding my hair (to make a head template), I began to read... why does the book start on page 15? The first 14 pages are missing. It doesn't look like the pages have been ripped out either. I don't know who to be upset with, and I don't feel like sending the book back. It's got some really great information about cap construction and ventilation (it actually has graphs of hair direction). I'm so mad. The first chapter, Wig-Making Terms, Tools, and Techniques, contained tool kit lists, hairpins and clips info, rollers/curlers info, and a well-equipped wig area, which I'd have like to have seen. I gave it a bad review - the purchase more than the book. I'm not returning it though. It was used. I just should have spent the extra 8 bucks and gotten a new one. Damn.

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