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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's Progress and Great Find!

This is my first day ventilating. As you can see, I covered the canvas head with blue painter's tape. I have a sucky camera, so bear with me. I used some hair I kept from when I cut the nape off of one of my LFs. I found some lace at Beverly's Crafts for $1.99 a yard. It is a bit delicate. I bought 2 yards of a light brown (in the photos) and a dark brown, which disappears on my skin. The jury's out on the lace at the moment.
What I've learned so far?
1. The tiny ventilating needle has the tendency to break the hairs. That's frustrating. I may be pulling too hard with my left hand
2. I'm so glad I bought the magnifying lamp. Even with the glass (mine is 3x magnification), the lace is still small.
So far, so good. I'm going to practice each knot (single, double, single split, double split) until they're second nature

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