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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Good Source for Bulk Hair

I still can't believe that the most important tools we need - hair and lace - are the most hard to find. The jury is still out on the lace I bought yesterday. Although it's so beautiful, especially that dark brown (which, if I used it, it would melt onto my skin), it might not be sturdy enough, and it may tear easily. Eventhough I was excited about the lace, and I made that video, I removed the video because I don't want to lead my fellow newbie wig makers astray. So, back to the grind of finding good wig making lace for a reasonable price.

Then it dawned on me that lace wig vendors would be good sources for buying bulk hair. I bought my first two 4oz bundles from my longtime lace wig vendor, Rex ( Very reasonable price, and I know the hair. I'm still practicing with some Rex hair from some napes I cut from wigs when I was going through my "no napes" phase. Sometimes it's good to keep things.

Back to the needle for more practice. Hopefully, the book will arrive today.

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