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Thursday, May 27, 2010

1st Project - Fixing the Nape on my Malaysian Loose Curly

I've decided to just plunge in and add a nape back onto my wigs. First, I'm working on the "hybrid" - Rex Malaysian Loose Curly and the CLW Amina. I so regret cutting the napes off, but maybe this was one of the signs pointing me towards learning wig making. With this first project, I will be learning how to sew seams the proper way (instead of the bulky, horrible job I did on the hybrid). I've got the ebay lace pinned down and it starts higher than the edge of the wig. I will sew with clear thread. After I make the seam, I'm going to start ventilating. No procrastinating.

I spent last night making double knots. Today, I marked the area on my template where I'll do single strand single knots. I'm rolling up my sleeves! Hopefully, a new wig is arriving tomorrow. I'm going to turn it inside out and trace the lace sections to make a pattern. I'm always trying to find the easy out. Stay tuned!

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